Massage by CC

Massage Therapy has a number of benefits. Here are just a few:

Relieve Muscle Pain

Many people may know that massage feels good and probably are aware of the benefits to sore muscles. Massage achieves these goals by encouraging muscle relaxation and also helps increase local lymph and blood circulation to take wastes away and bring in fresh nourishment. Post-exercise massage can help prevent inflammation that leads to soreness later.

Skeletal Alignment

Bone alignment? Isn't that something chiropractors do? Yes, chiropractors make bone adjustments, but what about some of the causes of misalignment in the first place? Chronic muscle tension can pull the skeleton out of alignment. A skeleton out of alignment will cause more pain and increase the chance of injury. Massage reduces muscle tension that may lead to alignment issues or allow the body to realign itself.

Reduce Anxiety

We all experience stress here and there. When the body is under stress, some body functions are reduced, such as our immune system and digestive tract. This is to prepare the body for action. Prolonged stress can have a negative effect on health, however. It makes it easier for us to get sick and impairs digestion. Massage has been proven to reduce levels of cortisol (the "stress hormone"). Reduced levels of cortisol allows the body to return to normal functioning.

Improve Range of Motion

Removing muscle tension may give your bodies a bit more flexiblity if tight muscles restrict movement in any way. Joint movements causes joints to create the fluid needed for proper joint lubrication.