Massage by CC

Thank you for your interst. I’m currently not accepting new clients.

Get a massage at home! Massage by CC offers in-home (outcall) massage in Sonoma. Why go out when you can stay in? Choose from a relaxing Swedish or more therapeutic deep tissue work. (Get Started)

A massage can be a wonderful experience. We all need touch to grow and thrive. Massage is a special form of touch intended to induce relaxation and aid in healing. (More Benefits)

Hi. I’m Cecelia, and I can be your massage therapist. When you establish a relationship with a massage therapist, you’re entering a journey of growth and wellness. If you wake up feeling less agile and need some work, you know you can rely on your massage therapist to help you out. After an injury, your massage therapist can also be part of the team helping you through your recovery process. Why wait until you really need one to find one you like?

Live long and well!

Massage table

Massage table